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27 thoughts on “Wolf/Wolf_Hybrid Comments

  1. Dear Sir,,Maam
    I am thankful that you are able to breed these wonderful pups, I have been with my partner and family member Cheyenne for ten years now, She is a timber German shepherd , looks very much like yours, in fact that is what made me stop and look at your website, cheye is getting older now and I am looking for a pup for her to train, she is unable to run the old five to ten mile routes , but I built her own trailer now for my bike so she still gets to go for those rides,
    I am interested.
    Thank You for what you do, I have not trained a smarter, or been with a better partner.
    Mike Carson
    Health Education Specialist

  2. I’m happy, really happy to find your Blog. It warms my heart to know there are people like you. People who truly care for their wolf/hybrids and not just breed to increase the $$$ in their bank accounts. Thank you.

  3. Hi, I had a Wolf mixed with a Samoaen Husky.
    Wolf hybrids are so beautiful.
    I hope to get another one, as soon as I can get my home set up for one.
    I’m so glad I ran across your website.
    Keep it up, us wolf lovers, love it.

  4. Hey Keyhan,
    Kelly here, glad to see we are able to post some comments on the remarkable wolfdogs that we so love. My wolfdog Timber is from Sun Valley Wolf Kennels, he is the third wolfdog I have owned. They are exceptional bonding partners with the atmost love for their human packs. So smart and willing these animals are. His pack consists of me and my husband, our two sons. 5 cats, two jack russels that put him in his pecking order and 4 horses. He is the baby of the house at just turning 1 yr in october. He loves to cuddle with us humans or his buddies the cats or the jacks. He loves to ride in the vehicles and do his daily run with the jacks. He also loves to howl when he is happy and content. I am one person who loves and appreciates the wolfdog and I will continue to own these fine animals. Thanks Keyhan for my furry friend.

  5. I recently lost my best friend NANOOK he was a timber/ arctic how was a great pack member to my children and one of the most loyal friends i have ever had. He was 16 years old when he passed over..although it’s been about a year and a half since, my wife , kids and I have decided that it is time to add another one to the pack once again. We have 57 acres in Mayodan N.C. along with several animal friends. My two older daughters grew up with Nanook and had great memories of him, I would like my youngest daughter and my son to have the same experiences with these magnifient teachers.

  6. It was my honor to live with Liberty “Libby” our shepherd/timberwolf for nearly 15 years. She was extrordinary. She helped me work with retarded adults, raise our son, run with me beside my bike, go fishing with me ( she always knew first if I had a bite) and always wanted a fish of her own which she would stand on it’s tail between her paws and eat it raw from the head down, with great delight. If we came across a puppy on our walks she would start to drool, wanting to feed it. If anything alive was important to me it was important to her. She found our son’s hampster once and brought it to me soaking wet from being carried, and put it in my lap quite pleased with herself. We played ball after I was suitably greatful. She was kind, amazingly forgiving of my human ignorance, and so incredibly wise…. Libby was probably the best teacher I ever had in my life. I still miss her and it has been many years. I am too old now to give a wolf/dog a good home, but I am ever so greatful to have lived with my beautiful Liberty! Thank you for your terrific website!

  7. Dear Keyhan 🙂

    I want to tell you that I feel that I am the most proud mommy of my cub :), his name is Dragon Wolf and he is absolutely priceless and funny and precious and the love of my life :). He brought so much joy to my life that I could not live anymore without him :).
    Thank you for having chosen the perfect cub for me :), and be assured that this Wolf that you provided for me is the center of everyone’s attention and the center of my heart and my life :).
    He’s thriving being a Wolf cub, in an environment where he is totally loved and always by my side or in my arms 🙂

    May your family always Be Blessed :), for the Blessing that I received was in the shape and form of my precious Dragon Wolf :)))

  8. This month I lost Nanook a Siberian/Wolf Hybred to cancer. He was 11 years old and the best friend my family had. He started out with us at 5 1/2 weeks and became a fast friend to Keller a 1yr 1/2 old Min Pincher. Keller has had to make a lot of changes for he is diabetic and blind and Nook was his rock for everything. Keller as the rest of the family is quite lost without him. He helped raise two female pups this last year that the mother kicked out of her litter and joined our household, when I bottle fed them he made sure they were clean and taken outside for exercise. His little girls really miss him they are now 9 1/2 and 15 lbs. The mini doxie is trying to make up for the vacancy the best he can with a lot of help from Keller and I.
    All my grand children grew up with him and all his love. He was good to all of them, never cross even as he got older and my last grandson came in 4 years ago, he seemed to take it in as it was suppose to be.
    He was much more excepting of women and very protective of his family and home, whether it be the me, dogs, cats, or birds all were his and you didn’t mess with any of us. He would talk all the time and howl with me at the least provocation.
    We had an understanding from the beginning I was the alpha female in the household, and he never crossed the line, if I told him to “Be a gentleman” he knew things were okay with anyone new coming into the house for he was always by my side when some one new arrived. Along with having his own spot on the loveseat next to me that he rarely gave up and expected me to evict anyone sitting there when he wanted to sit as he got older.
    I’m glad to hear others have had great experiences with these wonderful dogs they are forever giving of love and affection.

  9. I’ve been in search for a wolfdog for some time now. And most of the breeders ive found dont have the majestic look i was searching for. But Sunvalley Kennels has it! I will be coming back here and purchasing my very own wolfdog!

  10. I stumbled on your site by accident and was thrilled to see there is a Kennel that raises wolfdogs. Once you have owned a wolfdog you never own any other breed. I have owned wolf dogs for 17 years now. Prior to that, I owned my very first wolfdog, Tosh, as a teenager back in the 1970s. She was timberwolf x siberian husky and she lived to be 14 . My next wolfdog came in the form of a timberwolf x malamute in 1993. His name was Yukon. He was mistaken for a wolf so often that I had to eventually keep him in a large fenced in area. In his senior years he lived in the house right up until his passing last November 2010. He was 16. I still have his son Tundra who is 14 years old, and Yukon’s granddaughter Minka. They are wolf malamute on Yukon’s side and Artic tundra wolf and Siberian on the grandmother’s side. Our third wolfdog is wolf and siberian mix with a blue eye and a honey coloured eye. This one runs and leeps like a deer through the bush and fields and hunts mice all year. I love being a part of this amazing pack. We have wolf howling sessions all the time. Just hearing them answer me in song sends prickles up my back. They are the most family oriented dogs you could ever own. You can feel the bond and the trust. At some time I would be very much interesed in buying one of your wolfdogs. Your site is great and I’m glad I could be a part of sharing the experience of being a wolfdog owner. They are a majestic breed in a class of their own.

  11. I have recently lost my best friend to cancer I miss and love greatly never thought that I would find another dog like her,she was wolf/husky .I would like to post more but can’t seem to stop crying whyl I type this all can say thank you for hope ! lorie harkins manitoba

  12. The wolf hybrid I have is tundra, timber, and G. Shepard. He is a male of 150 lbs and 15 years old. My wife and I will likely never have any other dog again other than a wolf hybrid. They certainly are a ton of fun, mischievous, loving, and affectionate animals. Such humanistic personalities in these guys…so funny. Unfortunately ours is very old. We have done almost everything we can think of to keep him healthy but we may be facing the inevitable. 😦 Both our first and current hybrid lived/lives in the house with us, eats with us, and sleeps with us. Hands down the most awesome animal I have ever owned.

    1. Hi Karen here i took in a Siberian X wolf his owner is dying of cancer and if i hadn’t taken him he was going to be put down. That was the best decision i have ever made i have other animals in the house and from day 1 he was part of the family.He is so smart a wonderful walking friend and has a real sense of humor eg.took all the girls bones and hid them under my pillow and waited till i got home and went and showed me what he had done and i swear he was laughing lol love him to bits

  13. I stumbled upon your website looking for breeders of wolfdogs and how to take proper care of them. I for sure want a wolfdog because I believe that they really are amazing companions and I have known a few wolfdogs. Ziggy was one that I always used to hang around with, he was a dog that roamed around my cousin’s hometown and everytime I was in town he knew and he stuck by my side, he was a husky timberwolf I believe. He died when I was about 11 years old and I miss him. Ziggy is the reason I want one of these dogs for myself and when I am able to I will certainly look to sun valley to get mine. Thank you sun valley for showing how amazing these magestic creatures are. Steph =)

  14. These dogs are incredible. We have one of Selina and Simbas babies(8 months old now) He is great with kids-we have a 12 year old and 9 year old, and a 5 year old niece that comes by often and all he wants to do is lick them to death.
    He is very smart and uses it to his advantage being very mischievous, but its all fun and games. He watches everything you do, and later imitates things you do. One thing I love about him, is that he notices we greet each other with hugs. So when we come home, he goes on his hind legs and literally hugs and kisses us hello. I could go on and on and on, but in short, from my families experience, we couldn’t imagine our life without our wolf-hybrid. He adds laughter, love and excitement in our lives everyday.
    Thank you Kayhorn, for providing us with such a great breed!

  15. Hi, I’ve known many wolf crosses over my lifetime and have always wanted to get one. The first I met was a wolf/shepherd who belonged to the postmistress where we lived. One time a bear came too close to her house and without a second thought, the dog attacked the bear and chased it off. Another time, the postmistress was having a big dinner and her daughter with brand-new baby were over. The dog had never met the baby before but instinctively knew who it belonged to. NO-ONE was allowed to pick up the baby – the dog would stand in front of the person and growl – unless the mom picked it up and handed the baby off herself!

    The second I met was a male husky/wolf whose owner wasn’t the best. They lived with us for a short time. The dog was perfectly fine around the home and was perfectly fine with my baby sister. The only problem we had was he went after our chickens once.

    The third and fourth were a mother and son belonging to a friend of mine. The mother was wolf/golden lab (the absolute BEST CROSS EVER, I do believe!) and the son was half wolf/quarter lab/quarter malamute (he was huge – shoulders up to my waist when he was still a pup and 8′ long from snout to tip of tail!). I had to babysit them in my tiny basement suite once and my son was only 3 years old. Neither of the dogs had met young children before and the puppy instantly saw my son as a comrade and they played chase throughout the house, taking turns of course! While his mother supervised the activity quietly.

    From my experiences with these animals, they are the absolute best pet to have if you have a family with small children. The only thing is you cannot set the dinner table and turn your back or your roast will mysteriously vanish!

    I cannot wait for the day when I can afford to have one of these as my own 🙂

  16. We,ve read all the comments on the Wolf/Hybred and I am looking forward to having one of our own some day soon. The SunValley Kennels will be the place that we hope to get our very own Hybred animal from. I’ve known friends that had Wolf/Hybreds and would not think of owning anything else. They were a part of their family and were treated as such.

  17. Hey guys, I bought a hybrid from Sun Valley Wolf Kennels, he is just amazing! Friendly as can be and he is really smart. He really trained himself 🙂 I walk him without a leash in the city. He goes to the dog parks every week and has played with almost any breed you could imagine without problems. I am surprised at how he is able to learn things by himself.. So if you plan on buying a hybrid you should plan to give him a lot of attention because they are not dumb dogs… If you neglect him by not walking him or spending time with they will turn in escape artist and make new friends on their own LOL… For me personally I love the dog I have he is a year and eight months old now and I couldnt ask for a better dog he is a stud.

  18. Hey , these wolves are verey beautiful and i’ll have one

    And live together 🙂 , thank God i find your web site

    And thank you to keep these wolves in a good health and beautifull way

  19. Hi guy’s this site is pretty cool, you can pick your pup’s and what you want the parent’s to be.I think that’s great, and the price is not too bad eaither.I had one years ago a Wolf cross named shyra she was so beauitfull.she lived to be 15. We also had a half yellow lab half husky who lived with her named polor cause he looked like a polor bear,he lived to be 16.Wolf cross are very loyal dog’s never bit anyone,and I took all my dogs for walk without a leash.I grew up with them.

  20. Great my wife found your website; finally we know what wolf we have…..we got him from a shelter as his owner had died and left him on a chain which had grown in his meat on his neck. The shelter people were great and saved him and had him operated here in Hungary at high cost as he was so special to them. We met him at their place when we looked for an abandoned dog and he straight away jumped at me to play and ‘eat my arm’ to get attention; what an animal ! The owner of the shelter said that he had chosen us as his new family; what a luck for us. He is ony about 1.5 year and still playful but very eager to learn and is the first wolf that moved in our house….we had malinois before and were very happy with them as guard dogs outside (needed in this country). This wolf has captured our hearts in a way we did not expect possible.
    We admire your site and how you place these wolfs in our society; not as dogs but superior and only for the few who are lucky to understand them.
    With kind regards and respect from Hungary, the family of Zeno.

  21. I recently lost my tundra wolf / malamute X Gunnar to a heart attack. He was the most
    Incredible guy I ever met, he was gentle, smart & loyal. His personality was to die for, one day when I’m over the hurt I will definitely get another wolf X…in my opinion they’re the greatest dogs in the world : )

  22. Hoteluri Colentina

    I got this web site from my pal who shared with
    me regarding this site and at the moment this time I am browsing this web site and reading very informative content
    here, which I couldn’t find in any other wolf hybrid websites.

  23. I have had the most incredible and beautiful experience this past winter/summer, raising my wolf hybrid, Ash, who is descended from a husky-wolf and a Bernese Mountain dog. She is 10 months, and has always had the most gentle and sensitive temperament; I truly believe that she found me on some wild spiritual plain that can’t really be explained. Her presence dismisses my sadness and worries. I bring her to work everyday and she greets guests in our ceramic studio and gallery, with ultimate love and welcoming, and receives endless belly rubs and adoration! I feel blessed to somehow have the flexibility to understand how to raise her in perfect conditions, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, amongst endless rivers and lakes. I have a passion for the outdoors and positive energy that I try to extend to all the beautiful creatures in my life. One of the strongest notes I have learned with Ash is that she is VERY sensitive to energies, and cowers/hides at mean voices, as she will come to kindness. As an owner one must have good emotional health/control to be successful in raising a hybrid, alongside he genuine patience and social value. I have been negatively effected by the condescending attitudes of some people around me believing I should never have gotten her, or especially never should allow her to have puppies, for all of our differences in belief and understanding of the hybrid pup. But I still hope there is a chance one day that I won’t be surrounded by that negativity with family especially; your site gives me so much hope and happiness to see that you stand for what you love and believe in! I hope that everyone willing has a similar opportunity as I to fully respect and understand hybrids, to unbelievably appreciate the love they have to offer. I am a very proud owner, for life; and I am so thankful and happy to find your site! Thank you.

  24. I grew up with wolves, and believe they are the best companion anyone could have. From age 2, to 17, that’s all I’ve ever had. Jewels and Bear were my babies. Living in the country, you need a very smart and protective dog. My babies were exactly that! I believe mine were half grey wolf, half timber wolf as my parents rescued their parents from an abusive owner, and the female was mated with a timber within the week of moving in! Such a loyal, and loving breed, they will always be in my heart. I will definitely be getting another one, as life isn’t complete without a wolf hybrid.

  25. I purchased a wolf hybrid pup from sunvalley wolf kennels 7 years ago now, he is the most amazing dog in the world, the intelligence and love that he shows is awesome..also his personality. Hmm thinking about buying him a student haha

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