Wolf_Hybrid Clips

How to feed a Wolf Puppy





5 thoughts on “Wolf_Hybrid Clips

  1. I would give anything to have one of your animals,they are beautiful.And i am a big animal lover,of any kind of animal.But i live in Canada,do you know of any wolf-hybrid kennels down this way.I live in Oshawa,Ontario,not to far from Toronto.

  2. The Wolf Hybrid’s ARE Very much Loyal and Devoted to the Family life, as in the wild, the “Wild” Wolve’s , each have a Special Role in HIERACHY within their Family-Pack’s!, with each, knowing AND Understanding Exactly what their main Role within the Pack is, and WHAT is to be expected of them. Wolve’s mate for life. Should either of the Alpha-Leader Wolf Should suddenly die, the remaining mate is somewhat lost without it’s leading Mate, and usually, the pack will in time, form as saying mallet and smaller pack,because the Whole Pack’s very survival, depends mainly upon the 2-Alpha Leader’s..,In some instances, the remaining Leader, will try to search for another Mate immediately too keep the whole pack altogether!, however, more often than not,…unfortunately, this fails, and shortly thereafter,the pack fall’s apart, attempting to join a closer pack, or beginning one of its very own, upon keeping their original packs territory, and good hunting ground’s.

  3. These animals are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!! But, it takes a special kind of person to raise these animals and to be very dedicated. You must also be very knowledgeable in their breed to understand them and to be able to meet their needs in life. To give them there best chance at a happy, successful life you must do your homework first of all before you even begin the process of owning one of these beautiful animals. By all means please make sure you are the type of person who can do these type of animals true justice before you even consider truly owning one of these most majestic of animals. If not please reconsider another type of dog better suited to your families needs as it can save a lot of heartbreak down the road, for both the animal and the family.

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