Puppies for sale

This is the High Content litter puppies. $3000.00.
Taking reservations now. Two male is Available as a result of cancellation, and ready to go.

Nitro (male)

Nima (Female)


If you wish to have pictures of your puppy, please copy and past now. I will not be able to provide you any pictures in the future.










22 thoughts on “Puppies for sale

  1. Hi , My name is Tyler and we are very interseted in your puppies, we are thinking about getting one . It would have been our second dog since a German Shepherd, your puppies seem very nice! We live in Alberta and we own a 180 acre farm as well as a house in the city . We were looking at various of our laws it seems it has to be a hybrid or else we can’t have it so thank god you guys breed both.

  2. I have owned and bred wolf hybrids for 7 years. I quite a a couple years ago because of an ex of mine. But I realized how incomplete my life is with out these wonderful canines. Bred properly they can become good family citizens and care takers. I want to have one in my life once again, I forgot the love these animals can give uniquely compared to domestics. They have their way of completing the family function and creating home, Sun Valley Wolf Kennels has one in store for me.

  3. wolf hybrids are the best dogs in the world (besides pitbulls lol) my mother owned one for 11 years. seth was a Northern grey timber wolf/ belgium shepard. the bond that they had between them was unbelievable. and the way that they communicate with you, its almost as if they know what we are saying. and the love and loyalty that they demonstrate truly makes them a part of the family. and our boy had the gentlest soul imaginable. he even befriended a canadian goose. i cant wait till you guys have another litter of pups, i am defiantly buying one. seth passing away has left a hole in the family and we cant wait to bring another one home.

  4. I had a beautiful female wolf hybrid (Mia). She was not only beautiful but a great family pet. Her and my son bonded immediately and she lived a long happy life with us. They are so easy to train and highly intelligent.

  5. These dogs are my absolute favourite kind of dog. I’ve never had one but I will when my boyfriend and I move out of the basement suite we are living in now. When I decide to adopt a puppy I will most definately check you guys out! I can’t wait to get one of these adorable little guys!!

  6. My German Shepherd/Wolf x recently passed away at 10.5 years. She was the most amazing dog I could have asked to share my life with. She was so smart and intuitive, very easy to train. She was very weary around strangers, especially men, for most of her life but once she got to know someone she couldn’t have been more loyal and eager to please. If you are thinking about getting a hybrid, I would strongly recommend a good obedience training foundation from a young age (for any breed, really). These animals are very intelligent and are used to being in a pack, so you need to have the confidence and ability to be a leader for them. You will get back what you put in exponentially in trust, love and joy.

  7. I have loved wolves and wolf hybrids since I was about 6 years old, my first wolf was artic wolf and she was the best dog and best friend a 6 year old girl could ever have. Ever since then I had many of this breed of dog and everyone of them have been wonderful. They are the only breed I think I will always have until the day I die.

  8. Hi! What an amazing website! I wasn’t sure, that we wanted another dog in our life, after losing our Catahoula in March to cancer. She was only eight, and a huge part of our family. I had a husky/wolf when I was growing up and he was one of the smartest, most loyal dogs I have ever known! Although we have had a couple of other breeds, who also were amazing, I can’t forget the bond I had with my hybrid! Your dogs look truly awesome, and I would be totally interested in purchasing a male, as our farm is very lonely without a dog!

  9. Hi ,what beautiful animals,I have had a wolf malamute cross for 4 years now and I had a wolf husky for 12 years in the Yukon . Nothing compares to the loyalty and love that these animals have.Always!!! off leash and from day one,,everyday interaction with people and animals and constant exercise keeps these animals happy and healthy.There intelligence only rivaled by my border collies,but of course different instincts and behaviors.With the wolves trust is the most important thing you need to do to begin with,build trust with the animal always before any discipline and a gentle touch is all you will ever need to give these animals a truly fullfilling and happy full life.Remember you would not give away a child ,,so if you choose a Wolf_Hybrid,it is for their entire life!!!

  10. We have a dog from the Sun Valley Wolf Kennels 2012 spring litter. We have had your typical puppy challenges but she is maturing and is a lovely girl and likes all other dogs and people which is nice. She adores our 5 year old boy and manhandles our cat affectionately. We love running Keva off leash for her to exercise.

  11. Me and my best friend took our horses to the mountains in Alberta to ride she took her husky with us and long story short got prego we never thought in a Million yrs that this would have happend I took one of the the pups and he’s been the best wolf dog, I never owned other then him howling at night lol he’s howl will give you chills down your back!! When he goes I will be sure to contact you folks I don’t think after having him that I’d want to own any other breed of dog there just simply amazing I never had a bond like this with any dog !!

  12. I currently have an Australian Shepherd pup (Lady), cant wait for the day when i can get a wolf-hybrid for her as a friend, so they can play!! I will definitely be taking one of your pups=]

  13. My dad owned one in Alberta when he was a young man. He was a big black wolf cross and gorgeous. I’d love to own one of my own one day!!!! love this will keep you guys in mind for sure!

  14. I have been blessed to have been “owned” by 2 amazing giant wolf-hybrids. 95, and 110 lbs female and male siblings. They were raised by me, lived in my home and yard, guarded me, slept with me, hiked with me, accepted my 5 cats and terrier cross dog with deep tolerance once past their own puppyhood and training. They were quiet unless they howled. Treaded more lightly than the cats, were hierarchical and acknowledged me as their alpha with devotion and complete expectation of my responsibilities toward them. They lived out their lives with me until euthanasia at 13 for hip dysplasia, and 12 for cancer. Never to be forgotten, and never to be replaced….. Family….. I hope to be able to home another sibling pair to enrich my life in a responsible and long term commitment. The wolf-dog hybrid when trained firmly, gently and respected as a semi -wild individual is the most marvelous intelligent companion. I am so grateful for the deep trust they showed me, and hope to share my home and lifestyle with another non-breeding pair again. It has been 5 and 6.5 years since they were euthanized, and they are still in my thoughts and heart.

  15. i currently own a coyote cross Husky. Most beautiful hybrid I have ever owned. I am coming down to Kelowna in August and would love to adopt. I find my coyote so loyal with a big attitude ha ha. She will tell you if she’s happy or not pleased and very compassionate for my dad. Over years she has grown to become friendlier. We adopted her from people.

  16. Hello,
    My best friends name was “Whiskey”…. a wolf/ shepherd mix. We were good friends and I took him almost everywhere I went including Scotland when I was stationed there in the military. He’s been gone now for a number of years and I’d like to find another traveling buddy.

  17. I lost my timberwolf/german shepherd bitch after 21 years. the most loyal disciplined animal that I have even encountered. These are wonderful pets – although I did have some problems with her grandfather – who was a full fledged timberwolf – who liked to eat through the walls in the house if left inside – and had a territory of about 50 miles to go visiting our friends. My 1/4 breed was the result of him and a german shepherd bitch – off bred again with a cocker spaniel to bring down the size – and she was wonderful!!! And legal in Ontario….

  18. I had a wolf/cross when i lived in Winfield 10 years ago, I adopted her from the vernon spca(possibly one of yours, she was 6 mths old) beautiful, so loyal and protective of my daughters, best escape artist ever, could run for hours. she unfortunately had gotten into too many goldfish ponds and hurt a neighbours dog, who kept wandering into our yard.Lady was the best dog I ever had, she is now retired on a ranch in Calgary and I hope to visit her soon in her old age before she goes!

  19. Hi, Kehan: I JUST got off the phone with You, and was VERY Pleased to know that You STILL Remember me,..as You & I spoke before, and I reside in Ontario,..I, personally have worked in Several Zoo’s and AM Very much Interested in acquiring a High content Puppy from YOU’S…,I, while working IN These Zoo’s, ALWAYS brought the Arctics, & Timber’s, Huge soup bone’s, because, I spent A LOT of time with EACH of them, which created a VERY, Very tight bond !.., I most-Certainly DO look forward to getting one of YOUR High-content Puppie’s from You, as Soon as the Very Next litter is Due!!.., Please remember me??, “I hold very much Respect towards You and your Hybrid’s!., as well as looking forward too Getting my own little one!., Respectfully yours, G.Twain…..

  20. Sorry but I DO NOT call therm animals or dogs. I call them children/human like we are I mean those babies are 100 x smarter than any human their brain is 30% larger than ours!!! They do know that we’re saying to don’t forget it!! I’ve raised wolves and hybrids I did Years of research before I even had a hybrid my Wolfy children raised and parented my children so I can’t stand when someone calls a wolf a dog or animal our
    Or says owner etc….. Their way better than us to me they are HUMAN. Jus saying but yes you need plenty research done and read read read!!! 🙂 I love my 2 and 4 legged babies very much my wolf children are spoiled big time and I need a wolf son I’m in the country in Hays, me n my kids but also my timber Lynn

  21. Love your website. I have been searching all sorts of sites. I have always loved the wolf hybrids have never owned one but am now actively looking and would like to make sure I am the right fit for such a majestic animal. I have recently moved back from being over seas for 23 years. Have purchased our home with a fully fenced yard, cover large patio and plenty of room inside the home.
    Looking forward to emails and watching your site.
    Best wishes,

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