Form to adopt a Wolf_Hybrid From Sun Valley Wolf Kennels

5 thoughts on “Form to adopt a Wolf_Hybrid From Sun Valley Wolf Kennels

  1. I had a terrier mix named scrappy and I had the privilege of loving her.but when me and my ex brokeup she kept her.i could have fought for her but as you know a dog will attach to one person more than the other so I didnt have the heart to try and take it would have killed my ex if she lost her.there isn’t a day my heart breaks and I don’t want to be put in that situation again.i have no kids but I have so much love to give and if I was able to adopt one I would love her/him like they were my own allowed to have a pet where I that’s no problem.i am happy to see some one out there who has compassion for these myjestic animals.they deserve and have every right to live.thank you for your time.

  2. Hello my name is Mason Grant. I currently have one dog Named rocky. He’s a king Shepard and boxer mix. Last year around this time I had to put down rocky’s best friend diesel. Diesel was a jack russle , he developed a mental illness over the years that I owned him.. The vet that took care of him said that jack russels are prone to mental illness but even then I still felt like a failure. I love dogs and have owned them my whole life. To know that I couldn’t save my baby (diesel) was something that haunted my mind for a long time and it still does on occasion. I am ready to give rocky a new best friend, and I am very ready to add a new puppy to my family. I live on a quiet isolated property in the rual areas of Kingsville ontario. My property is about 4 acres and behind it is a wooded conservation area where my current dog loves to play. I know that I will be a great parent to the puppy that I receive. My current dog rocky is loved by everyone who meets him because of how well he is trained. If I am given the chance to own one of your puppies I will love and adore her the best that I can for the rest of her days.
    Thank you for your time

  3. At the moment have one other dog she is a pitbull malamute Max Emerald she’s three years old him back and fixed I have and both dogs in the past and I’ve love them with all my heart Charlie was my high content and he lives to be 10 years old Onyx is a mid content and he lived to be seven he had cancer I’d like to add a wolf dog to my home again they’re great dogs of trained properly and they’re wonderful….

  4. Love Love the Beauties you have!!! Very interested in a puppy, recently put my German Shepherd down due to old age 😦 very interested!!

  5. I have a pack of 10 dogs on a very rural prairie property of many mix breeds includeing pittys king shepardes and several timberwolf hybreds they r all great including my kittys

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