Frequently Ask Question/How we do business

Please read the questions and answers in below, since these are 99% of the questions you will have. If these information wasn’t useful to you, please give me a call. I will be more than happy to talk to you. Please don’t send me pages long email. Please call instead. Thanks.

Phone call is the best: 1-250-765-4996

Q: What it means “We support our puppy for life”?

A: We are always available to assist you with training technique and behaviours tips and tricks.

Q: How can I buy a puppy?

A: Please first fill out the form on our website to see if you qualify.

Q: How do I know, if I am qualified?

A: We will confirm your form has received and with the result of your request.


Q: How long is my form valid for purchasing a Wolf-Hybrid?

A: Two days.

Q: How much is the deposit for Mid plus content Wolf?

A: $400.00 CAD, litter pick $700.00

Q: How much is the cost of the Wolf-Hybrid Mid content plus in total?

A: $1500.00, unless you wish to take nr. one puppy (litter pick), which is $1700.00

Q: How much is the deposit for High content Wolf?

A: $1000.00, unless you wish to have the nr. one puppy (litter pick), which is $1200.00

Q: How much is the total cost of High content Wolf?

A: $3000.00, unless you wish to have the nr. one puppy (litter pick), which is $3200.00


Q: Can I get my deposit back, if I change my mind, or just didn’t like any of the puppies in the litter?

A: No

Q: Is my deposit refundable?

A: No. Once the deposit is made, you are on the reservation list until your puppy is born.


Q: Do you ship puppy to my location?

A: If the airline fly to your location. We ship mid content. High content, we strongly recommended for you to pick your puppy up.

Q: Would you deliver my puppy to my location

A: Yes, .80 cent a kilometer both way. unless we deliver few puppies around your location, which it would be standard cost.

Q: What if I want to pick the first puppy?

A: Yes. That would be the litter pick and you can pay $200.00 extra for that spot.

Q: Can I pick my own puppy?

A: Yes. Every one does. In order as you reserved your puppy.

Q: Can I make payment for my puppy?

A: Yes. As long as the whole amount is paid off by the time of puppy pick up.

Q: When do I pay, if my puppy is supposed to be shipped or delivered?

A: All puppies who are shipped out, the whole amount must be cleared within one week    after puppies are born.

Q: When do I pick up my puppy?

A: After the puppies are born, I will send Email to every one and let them know when and what time to pick up their puppy.

Q: How do I know I am getting my puppy in order as I reserved?

A: Every one gets here at the same time and after clearing rest of their balance, they pick in order as they reserved. No one place would be changed. No grey area.

Q: Can I visit puppies?

A: Sorry, only you can see their pictures and clip through our website.


Q: How can I see the puppies?

A: There would be pictures since they are born until you pick them up on our website.

Q: Can I see your pet and socialize with them or pet them?

A: Sorry, You can see them through the chain-link fence area. No petting.

Q: When is the time of puppy pick up, can I sit with the puppy until I decide which one I want?

A: Sorry, You can only see them up close. No touching or petting.

Q: What if I take the puppy for a week and I want to return it?

A: Sorry, if you are not committed in having a best friend, you shouldn’t apply to own a Wolf-Hybrid in the first place. This is a commitment for life to own a Wolf-Hybrid.

Q: What does it mean, you support your puppies for life?

A: We can help you with the difficulty and not understanding the behavior.

Q: What if I am sick and I can not maintain my Wolf-Hybrid? He/She needs to go to a new home?

A: We help you to relocate your pet. Please notice, we don’t take dogs in to our place. From your place they go to new home.

Q: Does your Wolf-Hybrid comes with paper of registration?

A: No, in Canada Wolf-Hybrid is not a recognized breed, and so is many other breeds of dogs.

Q: Do you guarantee your puppies health?

A: We guarantee their health as long as they are with us. After you take the puppy, it is your job to maintain that.

Q: What happen if there would be a genetic problem with my puppies health, and threatening his/her life?

A: If the problem it appears with in one year of age, we replace the puppy. However, we need a vet. certification from the condition.

Q: Can I use my puppy for breeding?

A: No.

Q: Can I get breeding right?

A: May be. You have to contact us.

Q: Do you provide Stud services?

A: Yes, but we have to see your dog, and approve it is a right mixer for Wolf-Hybrid.

Q: What is your Stud fees?

A: High content: $5500.00

Q: What if I don’t show up to pick up my puppy?

A: Your deposit is gone, unless you let us know you are not coming and we can keep your puppy until you get there. We must agree to the condition.

Q: Do I need a fenced area for mid content Wolf?

A: yes, you should have that for any pet. Remember, this is your dog and not your neighbour’s dog.

Q: Is 6′ high fence high enough for a high content Wolf?

A: Mid content, only if some one is always around. They are large animals and they need minimum of 8′ high fence.

Q: Can I keep mid content plus Wolf indoor?

A: Yes, but they need out door as much as you can provide them.

Q: Can I keep the High Content Wolf indoor?

A: Absolutely not. They come indoors, but for a short time. If you keep them indoor, you will find the sad and misbehaved.

Q: What do I feed my wolf?

A: We provide you with those information at the time of pick up.

Q: Is it more expensive than dog to own a Wolf-Hybrid?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I leave my Wolf-Hybrid alone and go to work?

A: Every one has to work. Yes, but remember; you must have a secure area for your Wolf-Hybrid.

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Love your puppy and be responsible. Your puppy should be with you and not in your neighbours yard.