Wolf_Hybrid Adoption

No Wolf_Hybrid available for adoption at this time.

Please read the sentences below before you contact us.

Remember only Wolf or Wolf_Hybrid owners or ex. owners could only qualify for adoption.  


 When a Wolf_Hybrid becomes available for adoption we would post the picture. Please only than apply for adopting one.


Sun Valley Wolf Kennels

7 Responses to Wolf_Hybrid Adoption

  1. Denver Jones says:

    even though a wolf is not a dog a dog is called mans best friend for a reason, I had a wolf sheppard mix puppy my father purched when I was a little pup myself for five dollars becouse he was thought to die. My father and I nursed rusty with a baby bottle and he pulled through. after he rusty was about 8weeks the people who sold him to us wanted 200 dollars, My dad told them that they thought rusty would die in fact he was almost dead when we got him and a deal is a deal. well I had rusty for 14 years and being a only child and my mother dying when I was 10 rusty was like my best friend and my little brother. he was the most intellgent and loyal animal I have ever owned or seen for that matter. when I first joined the army my father told me that after about two weeks rusty noticed that I was not coming home and he just quit eating and died. two years later my dad died. while I was in Iraq in 2003 I seperated a wild dog I had been watching for several weeks, He was not the alpha infact a big white female which appeared to have some sheppard in her was the boss of that pack! Pe-te (the wild dog) was some what of a loner always dragging in a lizard or camel parts on his own in to the female. I got a chance to seperate him from the pack, so I took it. after working with him for several weeks I started taking him on missions with me. Pe-te road on the engine grate behind the cab. and even though he was never realy tame I trusted him and he trusted me I hardly ever got to sleep before we started going together. He alerted me several times of danger before I even saw danger I never realy touched him much but pe-te would sometimes lay his head on my feet. then in late 2003 I was on my knees in the passenger seat with my weapon out the window and the person driving drove into about a five foot hole going about 65km I damaged my brain and shattered my spine as well a damaging my spinal cord. I had two get medivac out and a week later the military animal control corraled pe-te and put him down. I feel as if it was my fault if I had not asked him to help me be safe he might not have ever been caught and put down. So I feel as if I because of the army owe something to rusty and to Pe-te, No pe-te was not a wolf but even though wild he was a friend. my wife last year took our children and left me I to this day do not know why, I guess because she does not want someone who is in a wheelchair or has to use prostecis and crutches. I at the present only get to see my children 40 to 45 min a day and 36 hrs every other weekend. I need a friend some one I can trust, and someone or some thing which needs me. Rusty and pe-te had more morals and kindness and loyalty than my wife is even remotely capeable of. 828-217-3422. I live in the foot hills of the blueridge mtns at aprox 1975 feet. on a small ridge in the woods.

    • I read your comment and I am very sorry of what life planted for you. Remember all dogs have some connection to Wolves, even the little dogs. Rusty did what he was meant to do and in the wolves life dead is just the begining. Too bad humman don’t realize that, but animal already figured that out which, life is not forever and they live their lives to the fullest. You have to forgive your wife, as some people can not and are not meant to solve problem and they don’t know how to deal with the different situation. On the wheel chair or running we all going for the same destination which is closer to death. Only confort is think about the God who gave us life and will take it for an exchange of forever life. My preyer and our pack preyer would be with you. There is more to life than worry about what others think about us. Check our site for adoption oppurtunity, as you are a Wolf pack member, as you born that way. Keep smiling and don’t let simple people to judge you in any way:)

    • Oliver Smith says:

      Hey thats a sad story. I am a man too and even tho I feel ya on this. We always expect them to have the same type of strength we have. Some ppl just can’t deal with adversity. I had a half wolf before too. He was like a gift from god or something. Intelligent beyond comparison and the most loyal friend I have ever had. Focus on yr strengths and not on the negative and I am sure another loyal will come into yr life.

  2. Cormac O'Kiely says:

    I had a Wolf/hybred for 12 years. He was a siberian/arctic wolf cross. He was the greatest animal I have evger encountered.
    He was really intelligent and knew many words and names. I could leave a bag of meat in my truck with him and he would not touch it. He ate the neighbours chickens once, I replaced them and told him not to do it again, he left them alone. He came to work with me every day selling boats and thought the customers were there to see him. He liked other dogs and cats, the only time he fought was in self defence or when protecting another human from a vicious dog or bear. He hated racoons because they stole his food. He ate the occasional deer on an Island where there are too many deer, we have an annual deer cull there anyway. My friends all said he was the best dog they have ever met. It has been two years and I still get choked up thinking about him. I am now ready for another similar dog. A hybred would be best.

  3. DS says:

    No way! We have Kilos brother….AND WE NAMED HIM KILO TOO!! Beautiful boy your Kilo is. I’m very sad that he has to be re-homed but very grateful for Sunvalley Wolf Kennels helping find him his new home. These wolfs/dogs are amazing. Our family couldn’t imagine our life’s without our Kilo and hope the family that adopts him love’s Kilo as much we love our Kilo. Please if you decide to adopt him, make sure its long term. They attach to their pack and I have even seen with our Kilo he can get stressed if his “pack” is away for long periods of time.
    Best of Luck with Kilo!!

  4. Amanda Humphrey says:

    We adopted a Shepherd/Husky/Wolf cross called Tasha. She was about 18 months old when we got her and she had been running wild outside Calgary, AB. for some time before one of the rescue organizations caught her and tried to find her a home. Because of the wolf in her, no one wanted her so she ended up at the Calgary Humane Society. I found her there and we had an instant connection. At the time we had 2 little boys, one 4 and one 6 months. Some of our friends and family thought we were nuts, but that girl was the best babysitter ever. We never heard her bark, but on family camping trips she loved to sit on the picnic table and howl at the moon. First time she did it and got an answer, she ran and hid behind my husband looking at him like “Uh oh, what was that dad?” It was hilarious. We had her until she was 15 years old and then lost her to bone cancer. She loved to run but was terrified of water, even the hose in the back yard. She loved car rides and kids, and even carried my toddler around by the diaper if he got too close to something she thought he shouldn’t get near. We’ve had a couple of other dogs since and loved them dearly, but nothing will ever replace my wolf girl. She was so smart and so loving. We miss her still.

  5. Tamara Eden says:

    Would be an honor for us to help wherever we are needed :)

    ty so much for all you do!

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