High Content Wolf Cubs(taking reservations for 2015)

You must have 8′ high fence (run) for this content Wolf, and we require picture as well from your facility.

High Content Wolf or / 98%^(Grey Wolf – Hybrid,  Arctic Wolf-Hybrid) puppies go for $2000.00CND each and they would be available only Spring/Summer.

Taking reservations for Spring/Summer 2015 now.


 Nitro (Male)

001-background-blurSubriena (Female)


 Subriena (Female)


 Sasha (Female)



Nima (Female)

2 Responses to High Content Wolf Cubs(taking reservations for 2015)

  1. derek n andrea says:

    Our family just recently lost our wolf hybrid named chico in which he passed on unexpectedly. He filled our hearts with joy and laughter and was treated as of one of our children. It has been almost a week ago that he has passed away and we are missing him dearly. No dog has ever compared to how intelligent , loyal and energetic he supplied in every day life. We have been searching for another hybrid and am hoping you could help us.

  2. Michell sheppard says:

    It has been a year since our onyx passed …. I would love to have the energy back in the house…. We all have missed him dearly. We want another wolf dog as a play companion for our Pitbull malamute mix Emmy …. My husband misses his dog so bad and we want to provide a active fun and passionate home for another wolf dog… Your dogs are amazing. Hopefully I will get to have one of there off springs as my own … Thank and God bless

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